Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So here is a crappy pic of my chiller.  It is made from refrigeration tubing from Home Depot.  Basically what this thing does is cools down the wort after it has been boiled.  It is important to quickly chill the wort to produce a "cold break."  If you do not get a good cold break your beer can have what is known as a chill haze.  It apparently does not affect the flavor of the beer, but can make it look less appealing.  So i hook one end of a hose to the fitting, run cold water through the tubing and out the other end, which still needs a fitting to attach plastic tubing too.  Once the cold water is running through, the temp of the copper drops, chilling the wort.  I am excited to see this baby in action.  My inaugural brew is fast approaching!  Stay tuned.

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